Why Evoke is 4th generation blockchain?

Transaction speed:

only 0.2 seconds to transfer MTV between 2 wallets including the time to create security.

Transaction Throughput:

128 Core server can manage 164000 TPS transactions per second. POI: Evoke will work with POI (Proof of Integrity) for security in transactions to replace POS (proof of Stake).


Rollback system will be available for apps.

Recovery Nodes

To create a perfect system developers of Evoke created many peripherical nodes for backup as Global Disaster Recovery.

Next generation wallet

Through Biometrical access to the wallet.

Spittable chains

Workflow is distributed on available nodes to split the main chain into sub-chains.

Relational Blockchain:

a new kind of blockchain which features different types of data, related to a multidimensional structure.