MTHN Introduction

MTH Network project is focused on creating a better future for everyone. The
team is developing a comprehensive ecosystem that incorporates a social
media platform, education platform, e-commerce platform, NFT marketplace,
and more. “MTH Network is working on the Evoke enterprise blockchain to
solve the problems of the industry 5.0. Evoke is the fourth generation
blockchain used on the all projects of MTH Network. MTHN is a utility
coin/token on Binance Smart Chain that can be used as a means of payment
across all MTH Network platforms.
The MTHN team has brought together for this project a relevant number of
professionals from a range of technological fields to build one of the most
disruptive blockchain ecosystems to date. We have a team that is specialized in
building crypto projects, which includes software engineers with years of
experience in building blockchain-based products. Our team also includes
crypto/blockchain researchers, marketers, and other professionals with years
of experience who have been involved in some of the most successful crypto
projects in the market.

Current Problems

Despite the rapid development of the blockchain technology, there are still
challenges ahead.
(1) Security risks of smart contracts. Users might lose their digital assets during
hacker attacks.
(2) Difficulties of cooperation’s and interconnections of different blockchain
platforms of different fields of application. Although such information

interactions were already attempted, it is not sufficient to support the
development of the whole blockchain ecosystem.
(3) Difficulties of linking between the blockchain world and the non-blockchain
based reality. Ideas cannot be easily put into application, such as tracking of
commodity authentication.
(4) At present, the blockchain industry still requires high technical
qualifications, which leads to the high cost of large-scale business.
(5) Low transaction performance compared to the centralized systems.


MTHN prioritizes security, stability, extensibility. By introducing cutting-edge
designs of virtual machines, smart sandbox, value exchange protocol, and
forking mechanism, MTHN creates an evolving, user-friendly, low-cost, and
customizable blockchain network. The optimization of block interval, block
volume and consensus algorithm also help MTHN reach a performance rate of
upto 100000 TPS. MTHN believes that as the technological innovation creates a
new production relation network, it will solve the problem of trust in
interpersonal communications and organically integrate societal consensuses,
individual behavior, and value exchange into an inseparable whole. We are
essentially creating a blockchain-based product/ecosystem that addresses a
range of limitations in the real world caused by the centralization problem. In
short, we are providing decentralization services to a range of industries in the
real world, including decentralization of transactional services. The MTHN
team is also creating a system that addresses major problems the current
blockchain products are facing to increase crypto adoption. Poor scaling, high
transaction cost, and security are three major limitations that all major

blockchains projects currently struggling with. So, we are creating a product that provides solutions to the problems the current blockchain industry and
the real world are experiencing.